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Lincoln High School Addition & ModernizationTop of Page

Lincoln High School presented an Addition and Modernization Project plan using Measure A funds to increase student capacity while focusing on the key updates needed to transform the school. We started working on these projects in November of 2016 and are excited to say we have completed this project!!

There is a newfound excitement and energy at LHS due to Measure A. The modernization and additions to LHS demonstrates the district and communities' commitment to quality education.” stated Jay Berns, Lincoln High School Principal.

With the completion of this project and the addition of our new building at Lincoln High School we have added:

  • Five new classrooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Three counselor offices
  • Restrooms
  • New and modern front entrance

Improvements to the quad area include:

  • Quad expansion
  • Covered sitting area
  • Modernization improvements to front entrance
  • Walkway improvement
  • Relocation of four portables for remaining quad improvement

LHS Stadium:

  • Stadium turf replacement
  • Track resurfacing will be complete December 2017

The entire Lincoln High School Addition and Modernization project is scheduled for completion in December 2017 and will increase Lincoln High School’s student capacity to 2,068.

High School at Twelve BridgesTop of Page

The high school at Twelve Bridges is also in momentum! The remaining acreage has been purchased. HMC Architects were selected and are currently finalizing conceptual and schematic building and floor-plan designs.
We are currently working on environmental documenting and permitting. Our targeted construction start date will be in 2019 with a
planned completion for the new high school at Twelve Bridges in 2021-2022.

WPUSD Measure A General Obligation BondsTop of Page

On   November   4,   2014,   the   electorate   of  Western   Placer   Unified   School   District   approved the $60,000,000 million Measure A  General  Obligation  Bonds, with  greater  than  55% of the  votes  in favor. The text of the ballot language was as follows:

"For the purpose of updating/replacing aging classrooms and support facilities, and instructional  technology needed for improved teaching, replacing portable classrooms, repairing/replacing roofs, wom­ out floors, electrical systems, seismic upgrades and improving energy efficiency to save money and support instruction within the District"

The District's Board of Trustees developed the Bond Project List for Measure A

On June 4, 2015 the District issued General Obligation Bonds, Series 2007, totaling $20,000,000. The bonds bear interest at rates ranging from 3.00% to 5.00% and are scheduled to mature through June  2041.

The financial activity related to the Measure A General Obligation Bonds is recorded within the District's Financial Activity Report for Fund 21 (Building Fund) in the District's audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2015.