Measure N received 56% of the votes it needed to pass!!Top of Page


With the passing of Measure N we will be able to improve school safety, including

fire and seismic safety; emergency and security systems.

We will also;

• Upgrade science labs and technology for improved 21st Century learning

 at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Modernize classrooms/facilities to support instruction in core subjects

 like math, science, reading and writing at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Repair/replace leaky roofs, floors, plumbing, lighting, electrical, HVAC

and water systems at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Renovate Glen Edwards Middle School and replace aging portables

with new classrooms at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Improve energy efficiency and reinvest the savings into instruction.

•Relieve overcrowding by constructing a new elementary school.


ALL Measure N funds stay local, benefiting ONLY Western Placer Unified School District schools and students.



 General Obligation Bond Citizens Oversight Committee 

The Western Placer Unified School District Board of Education appointed the members of the Measure N Bond Oversight Committee that will inform the public concerning the expenditure of the bond proceeds.

  • Committee Members