GEMS Addition & ModernizationTop of Page

Rainforth Grau is the Architect for the Addition and Modernization project. They met with teachers and staff from each of the departments on May 18th 2017, to get input on the needs of the school.

A second meeting with the Staff at Glen Edwards Middle School was held on May 30th at 2:00. The tentative plan was presented to the staff and based on the input that was given we are moving forward with the schematic design

Preliminary structure assessments were completed by the Facilities Department on June 13th. The preliminary site studies were completed in July, we are moving forward!

External building view sketch
External building view sketch

South Lincoln Crossing ElementaryTop of Page

A lot of things are happening behind the scenes and we are moving forward with our plans for the newest elementary school addition in Lincoln!

After several meetings with the architects, staff and the Teacher Input sessions, we currently have a new conceptual plan for our school. We are so excited to present this plan to you and will keep you posted as we move along.


Measure N received 56% of the votes it needed to pass!!Top of Page


With the passing of Measure N we will be able to improve school safety, including

fire and seismic safety; emergency and security systems.

We will also;

• Upgrade science labs and technology for improved 21st Century learning

 at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Modernize classrooms/facilities to support instruction in core subjects

 like math, science, reading and writing at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Repair/replace leaky roofs, floors, plumbing, lighting, electrical, HVAC

and water systems at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Renovate Glen Edwards Middle School and replace aging portables

with new classrooms at Glen Edwards Middle School.

•Improve energy efficiency and reinvest the savings into instruction.

•Relieve overcrowding by constructing a new elementary school.


ALL Measure N funds stay local, benefiting ONLY Western Placer Unified School District schools and students.

Western placer unified school district would like to thank you for making this happen!