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State law requires our school district to provide annual notice to a parent or guardian of certain rights and responsibilities. The parent or guardian is required to acknowledge receipt of this notice by signing and returning a receipt and acknowledgement (Form A) to the school or county office program.

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  • Notification of Parents and Guardians
  • Regulations Regarding Absences for Religious Purposes
  • Excuse from Health Instruction on Religious Beliefs
  • Cooperation in Control of Communicable Disease and Immunization of Pupils
  • Administration of Prescribed Medication for Pupil
  • Sex Education Courses
  • Parent's Refusal to Consent
  • Stimulant Medications
  • Protection of Pupils: Dissemination of Personal Information
  • Truancy
  • Student Discipline
  • Confidential Medical Services
  • Statement of Nondiscrimination
  • Identification of Individuals with Exceptional Needs
  • Temporarily Disabled Student
  • Sexual Harassment Prohibited
  • Student and Family Counseling Services Available - Free
  • Annual Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Student Use of Technology
  • Education for Homeless Children
  • Uniform Complaint Procedures Process
  • 2016-17 Student /Teacher Calendar
  • Food in the Classroom
  • California High school Exit Exam Testing Dates
  • Attendance Letter
  • SARB Requirements Letter
  • Student Fees
  • Pesticide Products
  • Student Insurance
  • Child Nutrition Information
  • Indian Education Program

Food in the ClassroomTop of Page

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